Event Production Services Corporation
Providing quality technical and general labor for corporate events, concerts, festivals, sound, lighting and staging. 
Offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami and Nashville.
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Dave Galloway
Operations Manager
email: david@epscfl.net
cell: 904.612.5250

Mike Huston
Central FL Manager
email: mhcustomtile@gmail.com

Jose Pena
South FL Manager
email: jose@epscfl.net
cell: 305.298.2827

​Dave Jr
360 870 9904

Elaine Galloway
email: elaine@epscfl.net

Event Production Services Corp 
EPSC has worked with various organizations, including but not limited to: SGA, Show Support Group, Beach Sound, USF, Lynn University, and had a 17+ year working relationship with UNF; providing production support for stages, labor, lights, sound, and audio-visual technology.

The Operations Manager, Dave Galloway has over 36 years of experience in "Safety and Risk Management." EPSC has strict policies regarding crew safety and rigorous procedures for accurate set-up and strike events. For twenty years EPSC has owned its own insurance, Workman's Comp Liability, and auto insurance.

EPSC has a staff of managers, crew leads and technicians with at least a decade of experience in the industry. 
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